Why has there been limited research on medical effects of the whole marijuana plant despite its prescription as an FDA approved drug? Well, the only approved drugs containing THC (whole marijuana plant), rather than purified non-euphoric cannabinoid ingredients, are solely prescribed for AIDS chronic wasting syndrome and chemotherapy symptoms, to prevent weight loss by increasing appetite and relieving nausea—both cases where it may have been more permissive to institute a poorly researched drug based on the solid facts that there have been no acute fatalities from it and the patients to which it is being prescribed are fatally ill anyways.

Despite numerous personal testimonies and actual drug experiments showing marijuana’s potential benefits (in mouse models) as not only a remedy drug but also a treatment for persistent plagues of mankind, such as cancer, minimal animal studies and no human studies have been conducted to investigate marijuana’s actual scientific potentiality. This is all directly caused by the fact that marijuana is classified as a schedule one drug (since the 1970’s), alongside heroin, LSD, and ecstasy and apparently more dangerous than cocaine and meth (schedule 2), which have caused 10,000 and nearly 8,000 respective annual deaths in the USA by overdose, compared to zero from marijuana. While there are arguments for anti-immigration fueled political sources of classifying marijuana as a schedule 1 drug it seems insane that it has retained that classification when actual scientific support has deemed it as a prospective cancer therapy and it is impossible to overdose on. Thus, the continuation of marijuana’s classification must be politically fueled.

Research that has been conducted on whole marijuana plant effects is mainly non-scientific and statistically based, such as reporting the number of car crashes associated with being under its influence. One such study reports decreased productivity at work and in general at society and I believe that the government may not only fear this general negative socioeconomic impact, but more so may fear that they are missing out on possible profits from marijuana sales if they don’t go about the matters carefully. Regardless of the motives, there are serious issues with the current legality of marijuana.

The fact that marijuana is a schedule 1 drug is the absolute main detrimental aspect, as it makes it next to impossible to conduct research such that we can have actual, controlled, scientific facts on which to base judgements of it. All current opinions on marijuana’s positive effects are merely opinions due to the inability to obtain marijuana for research and are therefore useless from a medical standpoint, yet FDA approved drugs are being synthesized from marijuana which should send the FDA to logical jail for disobeying the basic laws of science of confirming all suspicions by experimentation. Aside from needing many strict approvals for research based on marijuana’s classification, only a single lab at the University of Mississippi has been approved by the DEA to be a source of marijuana for medical research. Due to this limited availability of “research grade marijuana” it’s much easier to conduct research on the active compounds in heroin or ecstasy. The lack of research itself is not overly concerning, as many “miracle” drugs surely exist that are overlooked every day (though the promise of marijuana is quite important due to its research trials showing reduction of tumors), but the most concerning thing, from a standpoint of shaping this generations future comprehension of the interdynamics of social and scientific topics, is the impact upon public perception of medicine. The fact that marijuana, a schedule 1 drug, is becoming legalized and independently recommended by doctors while no viable research has been conducted is a serious disgrace to the integrity of the AMA, FDA and DEA and leaves the public with no reliable guidance other than social media, which as I have said multiple times, is in itself a disaster waiting to happen—in aspects as simple as vaccination, the lack of herd immunization could have serious impacts upon an exponentially increasing population. The modern society cannot afford to discard the science that advanced it to this point… our technology, paired with an ignorant mind is practically a straight shot towards disaster.

Most simply put, “The federal government is stifling medical research in a rapidly transforming area of public policy that has consequences for public health and public safety. Statutory, regulatory, bureaucratic, and cultural barriers have paralyzed science and threatened the integrity of research freedom in this area.” The fact that you can buy CBD oil online, probably one of the main ingredients through which marijuana imparts medical action, yet it is impossible for a PhD researcher to obtain marijuana for a tightly restricted study is proof enough to expose that the current situation is not maintaining the interest of the greater good.





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