I intend to present the clearest picture of health risks associated with vaccination and to defend the importance and necessity of vaccines whilst not blindly advocating them; I want to fully consider the pros and cons. I must begin by stating some basic facts about why vaccines are necessary/good and show an example of the faulty rhetoric anti-vaccination proponents have polluted the web with before I can go on to be truly objective, through criticism, in my next post. This is the bottom line for any curious parent:


Why should you vaccinate your children?

  • Vaccination protects your child from preventable diseases, some of which are still prevalent in The United States of America nowadays, such as whooping cough.
    • States with policies that make it easy to exempt children from immunizations were associated with a 90 percent higher incidence of whooping cough in 2011.
    • Even diseases which are not endemic to the U.S.A may be brought over by travelers or immigrants and be encountered by your child
  • Vaccinating your child protects many others including:
    • Other children who have not yet been vaccinated due to being too young
    • Older people, such as your parents or grandparents, who no longer possess a functioning thymus with which to fight novel infections (70 years old+)
    • Immunocompromised people such as chemotherapy patients or organ transplant recipients
    • While there are indeed side-effects associated with vaccination, the most common side effects are mild such as swelling at the site of injection. These drawbacks are small compared to results of diseases against which we have vaccines, which can result in serious consequences including lifelong disability or death.
    • It is true that there can be serious side effects from vaccination, but in weighing risk vs reward these are not even a slight argument for not vaccinating due to their rarity: (AEFI= Adverse Events Following Immunization)


  • Vaccination has absolutely no link to autism. Claims about these links are made about thimerosal (which contains mercury) and the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine, both of which have been studied multiple times and on large scales to be proven wrong. In addition, thimerosal is no longer in use in current vaccines due to better adjuvants having been discovered.
  • Gardisil 9, the HPV vaccine has no link to the deaths purportedly caused by it. Confusion arose from the general onset of diseases such as Guillain-Barré syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome being around the time of Gardisil vaccination (11 years old). Decisions regarding the vaccines risk made in Japan were largely by politicians, not scientists.

While the above facts are scientific and true in that they have been proven by replicable studies, many parents do not believe them. This is due to very persuasive propaganda on the web. I found one such site/book written by an actual chemist (MS in organic chemistry) who created a whole seemingly scientific rant about medicine in general such as to build up his business: book and supplement sales. One of his targets is vaccinations and I chose select points of his to prove him wrong and expose “scientific” rhetoric on the web which is making flat out lies and preying on concerned, yet naïve civilians. Here a few select idiotic claims, rebutted (I’d really like to rewrite the whole article: it’s pure rhetoric and the fact that it claims to be scientific is deeply wrong)



  • Like argumentative apes, pro-vaccine parents and their physicians start pounding their chest in favor of [herd immunity]. They use [it] to attack anti-vaccine parents, accusing them of “putting vaccinated kids at risk due to a breakdown in herd immunity.”
    • Anyone arguing this is just as dull as the person that wrote this article. Ask any supporter of the herd immunity hypothesis and they will kindly explain that the unvaccinated kids are actually posing a threat to infants who have not yet been vaccinated and those with compromised immune systems either from age (a deteriorated thymus and therefore inability to make new antibodies) or a compromised immune system i.e. cancer patients, NOT to other vaccinated children.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)… wrote that, “Children under two years of age do not consistently develop immunity following vaccination.” Therefore, vaccines can fly “below the radar” of our immune system. Not only does this weaken the immune system, it renders many vaccines ineffective.
    • This is because vaccines err on the side of safety, and requiring multiple vaccines to ensure immunity, is certainly much more of a medical concern than creating a vaccine so strong that it is always effective yet prone to revert to a pathogenic state. The immune system is not weakened by mounting a response, in fact it is actually “trained” to use the correct antibody response and if it is not, according the hygiene hypothesis, you are at higher risk for hyper-IgE responses i.e. chronic allergies.
  • Polio is the most feared childhood illness. It has caused paralysis and death for much of human history. The world experienced a dramatic increase in polio around 1910. Epidemics became regular events. They were the driving force behind a great race toward the development of a polio vaccine. The vaccine was developed in 1953 and an oral version came soon after.

But the vaccines came too late. Thanks to better hygiene, sanitation and nutrition, the rates of polio infection had already plummeted as documented in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. And it’s a good thing, because both forms were a total failure. In fact, instead of preventing polio… they actually caused it!

Medical journals around the world have exposed this outcome. The Medical Journal of Australia discovered “the relation of prophylactic inoculations [polio vaccines] to the onset of poliomyelitis [polio]” as far back as 1951.

And the trend has continued…

In a 2007 article, entitled “Nigeria Fights Rare Vaccine-Derived Polio Outbreak,” Reuters showed how the vaccine itself ignited outbreaks of polio in Nigeria, Chad and Angola.

And according to The Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, the polio vaccine program launched by Bill Gates paralyzed 47,500 children in 2011 alone. And those injured by the vaccine died at twice the rate of those infected by “wild” polio!

  • Polio cases have decreased by over 99% since 1988, from an estimated 350 000 cases then, to 37 reported cases in 2016. As a result of the global effort to eradicate the disease, more than 16 million people have been saved from paralysis.  As long as a single child remains infected, children in all countries are at risk of contracting polio. Failure to eradicate polio from these last remaining strongholds could result in as many as 200 000 new cases every year, within 10 years, all over the world.
  • It’s comical that better hygiene is cited as a cause of polio decline prior to introduction of the vaccine because in actuality, greater sanitation throughout the U.S. in the 1900’s (industrial revolution) caused an outbreak of polio, as children were not getting infected as quickly and by the time they encountered the disease they no longer had maternal antibody protection. It is easy to become confused when looking at biased graphs such as:


But one must find a better representation of true virus nature: it is in constant motion and will always rise and fall until eradicated (or near eradication):



  •  Is it true that vaccine-derived polio has caused polio cases? YES! But it has only caused 21 cases in 2017 and is derived from an escaped vaccine virus, not contracted directly through immunization. Yes, this number was greater than the 6 wild polio cases in 2017 (worldwide) but when considering the fact that polio is nearly eradicated due to the vaccine 21 cases (worldwide) is a blessing compared to the near 60,000 cases in the united states alone in 1951.


If you are interested in further debunking of anti-vaccine myth I highly encourage you to check out: https://respectfulinsolence.com/2010/03/29/the-intellectual-dishonesty-of-the-vacci/ , where graphical manipulations are exposed.

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